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Kosair Charities
East Campus
(ages 3-11)

9810 Bluegrass Parkway

Louisville, KY 40299

Office Phone: 502-473-7219

Program Director: Beth Kinney

Mid City Campus
(ages 12+)

1250 Bardstown Road Suite 15

Louisville, KY 40204

Office Phone: 502-409-9548

Program Director: Allison Griffitts

Vocational Program

(ages 15+)

1250 Bardstown Road, Suite 15

Louisville, KY 40299
Office Phone: 502-409-9548

Community Program 

(ages 2 and up) 

1250 Bardstown Road, Suite 15

Louisville, KY 40299
Office Phone: 502-409-9548
Clinical Director: Christy Justice


Our Centers 

Kosair Charities East Campus
(Ages 3-11)

9810 Bluegrass Parkway
Louisville, KY  40299

All of BCA’s programs are data driven through our Board-Certified Behavior Analysists (BCBA) who work collaboratively with parents, instructors, speech therapists, and other BCA staff members. This data collection is an essential component of the therapy and support we provide and ensures that the appropriate strategies are in place for each child to continue to progress toward his or her full capacity. Kosair Charities East Campus clients receive 1:1 client to staff instruction along with small group instruction throughout the day.


We measure success in the skill areas listed below by consistently measuring, monitoring and evaluating the progress. The analysis of this data ensures that each child receives effective and personalized treatment interventions, with the end result being that our children are reaching their fullest potential.

  • Social

  • Communication

  • Language

  • Self-help/Daily Living

  • Recreation/Leisure

  • Emotional/Behavioral

Communication, social interaction, academics and play skills are important and formal components of every child’s curriculum. Communication is the core element of our curriculum at the Kosair Charities East Campus. Utilizing the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis and Speech Therapy, the acquisition of an effective system of communication is the centerpiece for every learner’s individualized program at Bluegrass Center for Autism. Augmentative communication support is provided to foster each learner’s abilities to express themselves and understand others. Learners at Bluegrass Center for Autism receive individualized services in small group instruction when appropriate. Additionally, self-regulation and independence are built into every activity at BCA.


Mid City Campus (Ages 12+)

1250 Bardstown Road, Suite 15
Louisville, KY 40204

Learners at the Mid City Campus receive a combination of 1:1 and small group instruction throughout the day. For those who need a higher degree of support, programing focuses primarily on a functional living. The greatest concentration is placed on developing and increasing communication, daily living, and socialization. Utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Speech Therapy, effective communication is the centerpiece for each client’s individualized programing.


One of the core components at Mid City is life skills training. This 7,000 square foot campus is uniquely located in Bardstown Road’s Mid City Mall. This location allows for clients to acquire new skills in a “real world” setting through community based instruction that extends into the stores and businesses in and around the Mid City Mall, which is an extension of the BCA campus.

Vocational Program
Mid City Campus 
(ages 15+)

BCA is leveraging diverse thinking and problem solving by partnering with other community organizations and civic leadership through the Vocational Training Program. This program benefits children and young adults ages 13-21 who are currently enrolled in the Mid City Campus. These learners receive a combination of 1:1 staff-to-learner ratio as well as small group/socialization instruction throughout the day with the greatest concentration placed on developing and increasing communication, daily living, socialization, and vocational training skills. The Vocational Training Program is in place to ensure that when our children and young adults reach an age of employment, they have the job skills necessary to become employed either through BCA or through outside sources.This program is designed to expose our young adults to real life social and workplace experiences. While participating in this program, our leaners apply the vocational skills they’ve mastered in the center and reach beyond the walls of BCA into the community. Every learner is placed in an environment that best suits his or her strengths. We are able to double down on our efforts by partnering with other nonprofits or organizations that promote health, nutrition, and conservation.

A few of our community partners include:

  • Bluegrass E-Cycle

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • St. Vincent DePaul

  • Dare to Care

  • Eco Cell

  • Highland Community Ministries

  • Nearly New Consignment Store

  • Wicked Sheets

  • Highland Community Center

  • Wayside Christian Mission

  • The Warehouse

  • Rainbow Blossom

  • Kendall Optometry Ministry

  • South Louisville Community

  • Meals on Wheels

  • Blessings in a Backpack

  • Clothing Assistance Program

  • Bluegrass Recycling

  • Eco Tech


Community Program 

(ages 2 and up) 

This Program is designed to develop and implement programming by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for children in the home and community. The project’s purpose is to get CCs in the community and in client homes to help children in need. These clients include children not currently enrolled in BCA, but on the waitlist for services, current clients who are in crisis outside of BCA operating hours, and children who are “graduating” from BCA and transitioning into a more mainstream learning environment.

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