Vision, History, Model

Our Vision

The vision of Bluegrass Center for Autism aspires to remediate deficits and strengthen abilities in the critical areas of:

  • Functional Communication

  • Functional Social Interaction

  • Functional Emotional Regulation

  • Functional Academic Skills


Bluegrass Center for Autism’s model is an integrated teaching approach, which begins with a strong foundation in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) while incorporating Speech- Language Therapy, motor skills training, social skills training, independent living skills, vocational training, and functional academics. We offer a 1:1 child-instructor ratio in all our teams, resulting in the most intensely individualized instruction available. Community-based services are provided with a 1:1 ratio, as well.


Bluegrass Center for Autism understands that children on the autism spectrum are successful when exposed to multiple opportunities to acquire, master, maintain and generalize skills within various settings. We provide our children and young adults with over 100 learning opportunities every hour throughout the day to accelerate the learning process. Our highly structured days deliver an individualized experience to meet each child’s specific needs and promote their learning potential. Bluegrass Center for Autism uses evidence-based treatment approaches to create an intensive therapeutic setting to maximize each child’s ability to communicate, learn, adapt, and succeed.


Our History

Bluegrass Center for Autism began as a response to the need for a center designed for children on the autism spectrum in 2010 as the Academy at Saint Andrews in Louisville, Kentucky. Over the years, and as the need for our services grew, the Academy at Saint Andrew's grew beyond the basement of the Saint Andrews Church, and Bluegrass Center for Autism was born. As Bluegrass Center for Autism, we committed ourselves to providing quality intensive 1:1 treatment utilizing the principles and methodologies of Behavior Analysis while incorporating the benefits of Speech Pathology. We moved to two locations to serve two separate age groups. Kosair Charities, Inc. donates our building on Bluegrass Parkway in Jeffersontown, serving children aged two to eleven. The Metts family generously donates our space at the Mid-City Mall, serving our ages twelve to young adulthood.


Our Model

BCA is a 1:1 intensive teaching environment that uses the principles and methodologies of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Although we are a full-time program, we are not an accredited school but a therapeutic medical center.  BCA is accredited by the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence; you can learn more through  Each learner is assigned a Behavior Analyst who is responsible for their individual programming and behavior plans regarding your child.  Each child is then assigned a Speech Pathologist whom they will see at a minimum of 3 half-hour sessions per week.  Speech Pathologists employed by BCA are dually credentialed as Register Behavior Technicians. Additional members of the treatment team will include Registered Behavior Technicians. 


•    Year-round intensive treatment program for ages 2 - young adulthood.

•    Individualized instruction designed around each child’s learning style.

•    One-to-one service with highly trained instructors.

•    Individualized programs to encourage social, academic, and life skills.

•    Daily data and program analysis to accurately monitor each child’s progress.

•    Vocational Training.

•    Community-based services to prepare children with foundational learning skills and communication.


A typical daily schedule comprises direct instruction, discrete trial teaching, and natural environment learning in individualized and group settings as determined appropriate by the treatment team. Child-specific schedules are created based on the needs of each child. Group times may include gross motor/fine motor activities, turn-taking, conversational skills, learning to follow group instructions through daily circle time, music, etc. Community-based clients will receive services based on client-specific needs and may vary.